Albany Presbytery Meeting here at Northville

On June 6th, the 313th Stated Meeting of Albany Presbytery will be held at our church! The meeting starts at 9:30 am, and registration begins at 8:30. We will need helpers for greeting people and helping them find their way around, as well as set up and clean upfor the lunch in fellowship hall. If you are interested in helping, please let Becca know. For those of you who are interested in what happens at Presbytery meetings, this is also a perfect opportunity to check it out. The part of the meeting where we worship together is always wonderful and a nice way to remember that we are part of a connectional church. Worship will be from 11-12. Please consider attending for all or part of the meeting! All desserts (finger food type) is to be brought to the fellowship hall prior to June 6th. Call Carolyn Learch if you need assistance.

Church Garage Sale

The May Garage Sale Fundraiser will be Saturday, May 6th this year. We will again run a luncheon in the fellowship hall as well as an outside garage sale. We need donations of Soups, Chili, breads, and baked goods. Let Carol Hawley know what kind of soup, bread, or baked goods you would be willing to make.

Timeline of events:

By May 4th, please call Carolyn Learch to reserve a table for selling.

All items donated should be marked with a suggested price and brought to the church on May 5th. For those needing help with transporting their donations please call Karen Marion.

Volunteers (Cashiers and Sales staff) are needed to make this a successful event. Let Carolyn Learch know if you are able to help. Set up is May 5th at 9:00am. Clean up starts at 3:00pm on May 6th.

Mother’s Day Bulletin

The Mother’s Day bulletin is being worked on now. For onlly $1.00 per name (as many as you wish) sign up to honor any mother past or present. Just check the name on last year’s list, or add new names at the bottom of the page, and put your donation in the envelope. Betsey Gunther has the list. Steadfast thanks all who support us.

Steadfast News

Just a reminder in case you forgot or didn’t know: We collect Can pop-tops for Ronald McDonald House. The container is in the kitchen. Box top coupons from certain grocery store items for our local school. The envelope in on the bulletin board in fellowship hall.

The Steadfast Class supplies all paper products for church events, makes sure there are flowers in church each Sunday, and makes sure that there is a coffee hour following worship. In addition to we provide receptions following funerals when asked to. Because of the expense of there receptions we ask for a donation of $50.00 for desserts and drinks and $100.00 for complete meals. Our only income come from our dues, coffee hour donations, and our Mother’s and Father’s day bulletins. Please help us financially in the above ways so we can continue to serve the church.