Sunday School teachers wanted

For Sunday school, we are going to be doing a rotation of teachers. If you are willing to do one week per month or even just every once in a while, let Becca know. We use a detailed curriculum, so you don’t have to design lessons or activities yourself! On the other hand, if you have ideas for activities, you’re also welcome to use them.

Summer Children activity

This summer, we are looking for some adults who are willing to go outside with the children and work on Christian and Bible themed crafts after the children’s sermon. We don’t know if we’ll have children any given week, so it would be nice to have a few people “on call”. There is no curriculum to worry about, just the willingness to do fun crafts with the kids! We prefer to have two adults with children at all times. If you are willing, please let Becca know which weeks you could be “on call”.

Service Auction

It is that time of year again as we approach our most fun fundraiser – The Service Auction. Jill Russom has volunteered to organize the event this year, and it will be held on July 16th following worship at the Batchellerville Church. Start thinking about planning a party or making a theme basket, a meal to share, homemade something to offer, or any other item or service. Cards are available from Jill and should be returned ASAP, so we can start thinking about what to bid on!

Evening Service

On Sundays at 7PM at the Northville church, we will have an evening service from July 2nd to September 3rd. This service will be quiet and meditative. There will be a brief sermonette, and we will share the Lord’s Supper every week. If you can’t make it to Batchellerville (or just want an extra worship experience!), please consider joining us.

Steadfast Spring Picnic

The Steadfast class will be having their spring picnic on June 14th at the home of Jill Russom on 3rd Street in the village. There will be a social hour starting at 5:00PM with a pot luck dinner to follow at 6:00PM. We extend a special invitation to all women of the church and hope you can join us. Ask Carol Hawley for more details.