PW’s networking dinner

The Mayfield Presbyterian Women’s annual networking dinner is on Liberia at the Mayfield church on Wednesday, October 4th at 6:00pm. Anyone interested in going should contact Pam Hanke or Carol Hawley.



Octoberfest is on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2017, from 10am to 1pm, at the Red Barn in Northville. As usual, there will be baskets to bid on, and chili, soup, and baked goods. This is one of the big fundraisers of the year for our church, so please encourage your friends and neighbors to attend. Anyone able to cook or help that day should contact Pam Hanke, anyone making a basket or having a question about the baskets should contact Jane Swanson, and anyone able to help with setup or tear-down should contact Cliff Wray. As always, we are gratefull to Donna Breda and Sue Sedon for the use of the Yellow Barn and the surrounding meadow.

Basket Bonanza

The Basket Bonanza part is being chaired again this year by Jane Swanson, and it’s time to start planning a theme and gathering items for a basket. If you need help with a theme, need a basket, would rather donate some items toward a basket, or money to help finish off a basket, just call Jane. She is ready to help. Great ideas from past years might be a child’s basket, children’s books, sundae basket, cleaner’s basket, wine basket, cat or dog basket, canned goods & jelly, guest room, Italian theme, sports basket, DVD movie night, or pies.