There are still some directories that remain in the Narthex for those who still might want to have one, they are located in the back by where you get the bulletins in a white box.


Quarter Tube

Thanks to all who generously gave the Sunday School children your spare quarters. They collected $130.00 that will be sent to the Disaster Relief program at the Presbyterian Church (USA). They hope to fill the quarter tube again before summer and when asked, would be able to tell you what it’s fore and what a disaster might be.

Tax Statements

Statements for 2018 tax purposes will be sent to those who request them. If you made donations to the church in 2018 in envelopes or by check, a record has been kept of your giving. Checks to the church for times you received something in return (service auction, Octoberfest, etc) are not considered donations and are not tax deductible. If you did not ask for a statement last year and would like one this year, you need to let Carol Hawley know.

Christmas Joy Offering

Please check out the insert for more information on the Christmas Joy Offering. We will be “offically” collecting this offering on December 23rd, but feel free to donate sooner. Checks should be made payable to NUPC, but put “Christmas Joy” in the memo line. You can also donate online or by text! The back of your insert gives you more details on how to do that. Envelopes are in the pews.

Inclement Weather Policy

It’s time for the yearly reminder of our incident weather policy! Our policy is to never cancel the Sunday worship service because some of us (including Pastor Becca) live within walking distance. We can have this as our policy because we trust everyone to make good decisions about wether or not it is safe to come to church. If the weather is bad, it’s icy, or it’s too cold for you, STAY HOME! For events during the week, we normally follow what the school does, but you can always call Becca or the person in charge of the event to be sure.


Would you like to remember or honor someone or express your thanks for a special blessing? instead of live Poinsettias this year we will again decorate with our artifical ones but we will still list our thoughts of special people or events. For a $10.00 donation per listing see or call Jill Russom or Carol Hawley. The listings will be in the bulletin before Christmas as well as Christmas Eve. The $10.00 donation this year will go to our Prison Ministry.

School Supplies

The Presbyterian Women school supplies project is coming to a close. We have given the Edinburg Common School a check for $200 for earbuds and earphones and have received money for the Northville schools but have not yet given it to them. If you still wish to donate for Northville, these items are needed: 2″ binders, composition books, rulers, cinch saks (drawstring backpacks), glue sticks, 2-pocket folders, 3×5 index cards, and dry erase markers. Thank you for your support for this project. If you have any questions, please contact Pam Hanke.

Church Directory

We are nearing the completion of the collecting/revising the information found in our church directory. If Peg has not caught up to you to have you check your info in the latest directory, or if Georgia has not captured you so she can take your picture, please make a point of seeing us so we can get this done. If you have family that you know is in the directory but who are not in church frequently, would you please check out their info and let us know if there are any additions or corrections. Likewise, if they want to have their picture in the directory they need to make a point of getting to see Georgia, preferably on a Sunday. Please do this ASAP. Thank you.