John Lawson has volunteered to lead a handbell ensemble. Anyone who is interested in participating, please contact John. Because we are restarting from scratch, an ability to read music is required. Prior bell-ringing experience is desirable, but not required. Let’s see if we can get together, and prepare something to play before the end of the summer!



The summer will soon be upon us! From July 1st through September 2nd, we will be worshipping at 10am at our Batchellerville church. During that time, there will also be a Sunday evening service at the church in Northville at 7pm. The evening service will be shorter with a brief meditation, prayers, music, and the Lord’s Supper every week.

With the warmest weather

A yearly reminder: as the weather gets warmer, Becca will be walking to the church more often. Just because her cat isn’t in the parking lot, doesn’t mean she’s not at the church! Becca is often at the church Monday through Thursday, even outside of her “promised” office hours. If you want to chat, you can always call the church (518-863-4151) or her cell phone (973-479-2638) to check if she’s there first, or you can just stop by and check. Texting, email (rev.rebecca.putman@gmail.com), and Facebook Messenger are also good ways to reach her.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for January 28th after worship.

After worship and before the meeting, steadfast likes to provide a brunch for the congregation. We are asking for somme extra help with the menu, so if you could bring something please let Carol Hawley know. She will be in the kitchen during coffee hour today (Jan 14th) and will appreciate any offers.

Christmas Joy Offering

Please read the following about the Christmas Joy Offering through the Presbyterian Mission Agency. This offering is collected to provide critical financial assistance to church workers and their families when they find themselves in a crisis situation (say, if a pastor had a house fire, an emergency deposit can be made in her bank account within hours). The offering also helps to give scholarships to future church leaders at racial and ethnic schools affiliated with the PCUSA. Please consider giving generously out of joy and gratitude. Envelopes should be available in the pews. Remember, like all gifts through the PCUSA, 100% of what you give goes directly to mission, and none goes to administrative costs.

Christmas Dedications

Would you like to remember or honor someone or express your thanks for a special blessing? Instead of live Poinsettias we will again decorate with our artificial ones, but we will still list our thoughts of special people or events. For a $10.00 donation per listing, see or call Jill Russom. The listings will be in the bulletin before Christmas as well as Christmas Eve. The $10.00 donations this year will go to Bruce Boulton’s prison ministry.

The Thank Offering

Since 1888, Presbyterian Women have joyfully expressed gratitude for God’s blessings by sharing their blessings with those in need at home and around the world. The Thank Offering funds programs that provide education, safe housing, clean water, health care, help for prisoners, justice for women, and so much more. Fifteen life-changing ministries are chosen each year to receive grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. At least 40% of the money collected each year is given to health-related ministries. In the past, women of this church have gathered at Jeanne MacCorkle’s house to share a meal and give a donation for the Thank Offering. This year, we are asking those who want to give to this offering to give anytime during the month of November. You can put a check in the offering plate made payable to Presbyterian Women, cash in a labeled envelope, or you can give online at www.presbyterianwomen.org/thank.