Regarding Church Services and Activities


Dear Family in Christ,

The session of elders and myself has decided to cancel all in-person church activities for at least the next two weeks in keeping with recommendations from the local, state, and national governments during this pandemic. After two weeks, we will reevaluate to see if further cancelations are necessary. Like the decision to cancel last Sunday, this decision was not made lightly. None of us like the idea of not being able to gather together in person to worship, learn, or have fellowship as we normally do, but we also understand that this situation is unprecedented and difficult. Livestreamed worship will continue to be offered, and we will explore other options for connecting in other ways during this time, including conference calls and video chats. Do not hesitate to reach out to me and each other by phone, email, text, or social media. While we might be physically apart, we don’t need to be isolated from each other, and it is important for all of us to remember that.

If you missed this week’s livestream, you can still check it out here on Facebook. If you are having any trouble accessing it, please let me know. Between me and Greg, we should be able to provide you with the tech help you need to access the video. I will also send my sermon manuscript by request.

Please know that I miss gathering with all of you and cannot wait for the time when we can safely gather together. I am praying for each and every one of you. May God keep us safe and healthy through this difficult time.

Pastor Becca

Easter Lilies

If you would like to make a dedication in memory or in honor of someone by purchasing a lily to decorate our church for Easter Sunday (April 12th) let Carol Hawley know. Orders must be in by April 1st. This year the lilies are $15 each and must be taken home with you following the 10:00 am service on Easter Sunday. If you would prefer to make a dedication with the money going to the food pantry instead of purchasing a lily that can be arranged also.

Lent Devotionals

There are still some Lent devotionals left. If you haven’t gotten one, feel free to grab one on your way out. The Lent devotionals are from the Presbyterian Mission Agency and are generously provided by an anonymous member of this church for you enjoyment and spiritual growth. No thanks are necessary, but please make use of them during your spiritual journey this Lent.

Tax Statements

Statements for 2019 tax purposed will be sent to those who request them, If you made donations to the church in 2019 in envelopes or by check a record has been kept of your giving. Checks to the church for times you received something in return (service auction, Octoberfest, etc) are not considered donations and are not tax deductible. If you did not ask for a statement last year and would like one this year you need to let Carol Hawley know.

Our mission giving at work!

As you might know, one of the lines in our annual budget is for direct mission giving, and we use it for something different every year. This year session felt particularly called to help with the still ongoing effects from Hurricane Maria and other storms in Puerto Rico. Pastor Becca called a contact she has in the Synod of the Northeast who works with the Sindo Presbiteriano Boriquen, and Amaury was getting off the plane from a trip down to Puerto Rico. He immediately knew how our money could be most useful, and he helped us contact the Presbiterio del Noroeste and the Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana en Lares. Our mission money is now being used to entirely fund the contruction of a new roof in the community of Lares, PR! Pastor Becca has been in contact with their pastor and will share photos and updates as construction on “our” roof continues.

Giving Envelopes 2020

The giving envelopes for the year 2020 will soon be ready. If you got envelopes last year, are a regular weekly giver, or have newly pledged there will be envelopes available with your name. Anyone who wants a record of their giving kept, or wishes envelopes for any reason, can have them. Those who have used envelopes before will automatically have new ones unless you let Carol Hawley know you don’t need them. Please let Carol Hawley know if you haven’t used them before and you do want them or if you no longer want them.

Fathers Day Bulletin

The Father’s Day bulletin is one of the few fundraisers of the Steadfast Class. For only $1.00 per name you can honor as many fathers as you would like. See Betsey Gunther to check the Fathers honored in the past and add new ones to the list. A special bulletin insert will list all honored fathers on Father’s Day, June 16th.