The Quarter Tube

With your help, the Sunday school students have filled the tube and collected $130 worth of quarters. Through the Presbyterian Mission Agency, that money has been used to buy the following: a family of chickens to provide multiple eggs per day for a family in need, school supplies for three students in a refugee camp in Lebanon, a basket of food and essential supplies for a refugee family who has lost everything in war or natural disaster. These items will make a difference in the lives of those who receive it. We are proud that the children of this church are already learning that Christ’s call includes showing love and kindness to those less fortunate.


Steadfast restarting

The steadfast class will start its fall meetings Wednesday, September 13th with a pot luck supper at 6:00pm in the fellowship hall. We encourage all women to join us for the fellowship and to help support the work of the church. If you have any questions or need a ride call Pam Hanke or Carol Hawley.

Evening Service

On Sundays at 7PM at the Northville church, we will have an evening service from July 2nd to September 3rd. This service will be quiet and meditative. There will be a brief sermonette, and we will share the Lord’s Supper every week. If you can’t make it to Batchellerville (or just want an extra worship experience!), please consider joining us.

Steadfast News

Just a reminder in case you forgot or didn’t know: We collect Can pop-tops for Ronald McDonald House. The container is in the kitchen. Box top coupons from certain grocery store items for our local school. The envelope in on the bulletin board in fellowship hall.

The Steadfast Class supplies all paper products for church events, makes sure there are flowers in church each Sunday, and makes sure that there is a coffee hour following worship. In addition to we provide receptions following funerals when asked to. Because of the expense of there receptions we ask for a donation of $50.00 for desserts and drinks and $100.00 for complete meals. Our only income come from our dues, coffee hour donations, and our Mother’s and Father’s day bulletins. Please help us financially in the above ways so we can continue to serve the church.