World Hunger Boxes

Starting July 1st World Hunger Boxes will be available at the morning Batchellerville and evening Northville services. This is a Presbyterian Women’s mission project that helps those hungry around the world. Just put your loose change (or bills) in the boxes for the summer. They will be collected at the Labor Day services and through summer.


Steadfast Picnic

The Steadfast Class will be having their annual picnic at Jill Russom’s house (Third St.) on Wednesday, June 13th starting with a social hour at 5:00 pm followed by a pot luck supper at 6:00 pm. A special invitation is extended to all the women of the church. Ask Jill for directions, or contact Carol Hawley if you would like a ride.

Service Auction

It’s that time of year again for one of our most fun fundraisers – The Service Auction. It will be held on July 22nd following worship at the Batchellerville Church. Please start thinking about planning a party or making a theme basket, a meal to share, homemade offerings, or any other item or service. Maureen Sweet is excited to organize the event this year. If you have a service you want to offer, please pick up a 3×5 card from Maureen. Thanks in advance for your contributions!

Note from the new secretary

A note from your new secretary who started May 22nd. I will be available in the office on Tuesdays from 9-12pm & Wednesdays 1-4pm. Bulletins will usually be run on Wednesday afternoons. You can send me information for the bulletin by email ( or call my cell phone.

Fathers Day bulliten

For the next few weeks you will have the opportunity to sign up to honor fathers in the June Father’s Day bulletin. It works the same as the Mother’s Day bulletin, so for just one dollar per name check off names you want included or add new ones. Betsey Gunther has the sign-up sheets.

Garage Sale Soon!

May 4 – Noon to ?

May 5 – 8:30 to ?

We will set up, weather permitting on Wed. May 2. The AM will be the grounds clean up. PM will be the canopy/table set up. Let Frank Ralbovsky know if you can help. Thursday is the rain date.

If you want to have your own booth, please let Carolyn Learch know. If you just want to donate items let either Carolyn or Peg know ASAP!

Starting after church on Sunday, April 29 the church nursery will be available to leave donated items. Please price your items!

We will need help both days of the sale. This is one of our big fundraisers so help us make it successful. A perk is the good food available on Saturday for a small fee.

Mother’s Day bulletin

The Mother’s Day bulletin is one of the few fundraisers of the Steadfast Class. For only $1.00 per name you can honor as many mothers as you would like. See Betsy Gunther to check the mothers honored in the past and add new ones to the list. A special bulletin insert will list all honored mothers on Mother’s Day, May 13th.

Garage sale luncheon

We will again be running a luncheon on Saturday of Garage Sale weekend, May 5th. As in the past we need donations of soups, bread, and baked goods. Please see Carol Hawley to let her know what you can make or how you can help. Also plan to come for lunch, being served from 10:00am until the food runs out, to support your church.

Steadfast Meetings

The Steadfast will start their 2018 meetings on April 11 with a pot-luck dinner in the Fellowship Hall at 6:00pm. They invite all women of the church to join them to learn about all the work they do for the church. Dinner, fellowship, and a short business meeting are in the works. For more information or a ride see Carol Hawley.

Easter Lillies

If you would like to make a dedication in memory or in honor of someone by purchasing a lilly to decorate our church for Easter Sunday, April 1st now is the time to let Carol Hawley know. Orders must be in by March 19th. This year the lillies are $15.00 each and can be taken home with you following the 10:00am service on Easter Sunday.